I started a video project last fall named “fall in motion.” It was a way for me to reach outside the box and try a new way of seeing and editing movement. Fall in Northern California and wine country are unbelievably beautiful and I wanted to capture what it looked like passing through. I shot all different types of movement and colors on a professional dslr camera and started editing. However I ended up getting swamped with work and vowed to pick the project back up this fall.

This year, a new smart phone app came out called “Hyperlapse.” Hyperlapse allows you to capture video footage on your phone as if you are using a steadicam. You can then speed it up to make your footage appear as a stabilized, smooth time lapse.

Being the slight tech nerd that I am, I decided to scrap the project and re-shoot everything using Hyperlapse. Everywhere I traveled to this fall I shot a Hyperlapse on my iPhone. I then cut everything together using Adobe Premiere and After Effects featuring an instrumental of Muse’s “Madness.” This video showcases shots from all over California and one shot on a train in Denver. If you get “Motion” sickness…I recommend popping some Dramamine first. I give you: “Motion.”

Motion from Erin Malone on Vimeo.