Adventures in Sheep


I was coming back from a shoot yesterday and decided to take a detour home. It was the most perfect day we’ve had light-wise in a long time so I decided to have a little adventure. After I was good and lost I noticed some sheep off in the distance in one of the most beautiful vineyards I’ve ever seen. It was of course gated and too far away from the road to actually get a shot. So I pulled over and grabbed my camera. Just as I was doing this, a truck pulls up and unlocks the gate to pass through. I thought, “Now is my chance.”

I booked it to the gate and managed to get this guy’s attention just in time. I asked him if he owned the property. He did not -just worked there.  So I asked if it would be ok to take a few quick shots of the sheep off in the distance. He was an older farm worker with broken English that looked like he hadn’t seen anyone other than the sheep in a long time. He said, “SURE!” I thanked him and started to chase some sheep up a giant vineyard hill. I ran for a solid 3 minutes until I got close enough to grab a shot.

I came back down to the gate and the guy told me that he had to go do his rounds around the property to check out all the sheep. He invited me to come with him to take photos along the way. He said he knew all of the sheep’s hiding spots and knew how to get out in front of them. Keep in mind this vineyard is massive, gated, and in the middle of nowhere. Not to mention no one knew I was there. So without hesitation I say, “Yes, Please! That would be amazing!”

We hop in his truck and begin our sheep hunt. I learn his name is Rahul, he moved to California when he was 21, and has been working for farmers and wineries ever since. Such a sweet guy, and right now my new bff as he’s taking me to get shots I would never be able to get on my own. The vistas of this place were unreal. These were some of my favorites from the day:

What are you looking at?



Sharing the road

Such posers. After about 40 minutes we completed our journey around the property. Covered in sheep poop and couldn’t be happier. Talk about perfect timing. Thanks for a fantastic day, Rahul.