If you haven’t seen the party anthem video by LMFAO….you’re really missing out.

Possibly my favorite music video of all time.

In the past month, myself and the web team at MUO probably watched this video 20+ times and it was practically a daily routine while doing the Miss USA pageant for 3 weeks in vegas.

Our last night in Vegas we decided to go to Marquee, a club right across the street from where we were staying.

And guess who was there?  Yep. LMFAO.  We party rocked all night long.  They provided the glasses, the glow sticks, and the blow up zebras.

It was INCREDIBLE.  Everyone party shuffled in unison and I’ve never seen such a mass crowd dance so hard for so long. These guys are awesome.

photos by Tom Lew

Great ending to a great trip.