When in India…

I spent two weeks in India traveling with Miss Universe, and while I could tell you all about the good, the bad, and the ugly, videos speak louder than words:

Watch on YouTube in HD for better quality:

Even though the “Not so good times” video was tremendously mild to what it was actually like on the tour, I would not have traded this experience for the world.  I appreciate things so much more now and take less for granted.

Although India is definitely not my ideal place to live, I would love to go back and help the kids of India.  So many live on the streets or in the slums and have almost no chance of a future.  They are starving and struggling to make it day to day.

I was actually at St. Mary’s school, the oldest school in India, (with all the girls dressed in red) where Mother Teresa taught before working in the slums of Calcutta. http://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/mother-teresa-24.php

That school was straight out of the Sound of Music, and hands down, my favorite time in India.

If you look at the scene with the huge crowd of people (in both videos), the crowd rushed the stage and Ximena was rushed out by security.  I got separated…and when I finally made it out to the street (and by street I mean alleys) I saw that they had moved the cars.  There were only two guys sitting there and when I asked which way Miss Universe went, they pointed in different directions.

So I was wandering the streets of India for a good half hour completely lost until I came upon these two little girls that spoke English.  I asked if they had seen Miss Universe and they informed me that she was coming to their school later that day.  I said, “Please take me with you!”.

So I end up in a school with hundreds of little girls that barely spoke English and no adults in sight.  Finally, I found someone that just happened to be the principal and she told me Miss Universe would be arriving in half an hour.

When Ximena finally got there, I got her to sign autographs for the two girls that pretty much saved my life.

Just a typical day in India.

As for the New York life:

Tonight, I am attending the premiere of a documentary made by Phil Keoghan, the creator of the Amazing Race.  It is a red carpet event and we get to go backstage (as my boss is friends with him), and tomorrow night I am going to a fashion show with Teen USA  and shooting some behind the scenes footage.

Also, great news! Looks like there’s going to be plenty of jobs in my field now: http://www.businessinsider.com/youtube-up-to-5-million-for-celebrities-2011-2#comments