Greatest Playground on Earth

So my Australian friend was in New York this weekend for the first time and wanted to play tourist.  I thought I would show him how to be American (unfortunately it is the winter and there are no baseball games going on or hot dog stands open).

We started at 7am Saturday morning and walked around the city and introduced him to snow -too bad most of it was black.  Then we decided to be serious tourists: we took a tour bus down to the statue of liberty/ellis island.   Along the way, we got to see ground zero:

Rebuilding the First Tower

The Statue of Liberty:

Statue from Liberty Island

Ellis Island, even though closed now to immigrants, is amazing.  The inside is a museum and memorial to the 22 million+ immigrants that came through Ellis Island.  Over 100 million Americans can trace their ancestry to the immigrants who first arrived here, me being one of them.  There are hundreds of rooms and photo galleries to explore.

Inside Ellis Island

Next was the Empire State building.  86 floors later:

Top of Empire State…unfortunely King Kong and Tom Hanks weren’t there

We also went to Madison Square Gardens and Shake Shack -the greatest hamburgers and milkshakes in New York.

Then on Sunday we met up in central park and took the train all the way to Coney Island.  Even though everything was closed, it was still a happening place.  There were people walking up and down the boardwalk and piers, guys fishing, and kids playing in the sand.  There is a huge amusement park that is open in the spring and summer and there are tons of beach shops, hot dog stands, and a small baseball stadium in the middle.  If I was a little kid I would have been freaking out (ok, I might have a little).  During the summer, they have a whole month with fireworks every night – I will definitely be going back.

Coney Island
Coney Island Pier

Over 60 movies have been filmed here since 1897, including Uptown Girls.

For dinner, we may have gone to Shake Shack again….it’s life changing!

Did I mention it was frigidly cold this weekend?  Probably wasn’t the smartest idea to be on the water…but at least it kept us moving.

There are so many things to do.  Everyday is a new adventure.

One of my New York friends and I have been putting a list together over the last month of things we have to do while in New York -half are silly things such as yelling Halle Berry in a crowd of tourists (oh wait, we already did that) and the other half are visiting places.  As soon as the list is complete I will upload it.