Under PRESSure

I’ve been in India for 5 days now, and have slept a total of about 7 hours.  My second day here we took a 4 and a half hour car trip to a sacred Indian temple where hundreds of people awaited our arrival.  There were news crews, paparazzi, and pretty much the entire town:  everyone trying to get to Ximena.  Our body guard tried to get us through the mob.  I was supposed to be filming her, so I’m fighting all the other videographers and photographers to get shots of her as I’m getting pushed and shoved in every which direction.  It was similar to a mosh pit.

After an eternity, we arrived at the temple where they made us take our shoes off it get in – the mob was still there – and I really didn’t think I would ever see my shoes again.  Ximena went inside and they did an anointing that took less than a minute, then back outside into the mob.  This little kid kept touching my camera that I had around me, and I was so busy filming that I wasn’t really paying attention..  Later, I noticed my lens cap was missing.  Casualty of the mob.

We get back from this around 1:30am and have to be up at 3 to catch a plane to New Delhi.  This was another 20 hour day.  Between press conferences, meeting every important person in India, being on a cooking show, and fighting off the never sleeping press -it was so exhausting.  Ximena’s been really sick the past two days but has been working her butt off regardless: she’s a trooper.  She never complains.  People think famous people have it easy, I’ve never seen anyone work so hard in my entire life, and always with a smile on her face.