First Days at MUO

My first two days working at the Miss Universe Organization were nothing short of epic.

The minute I arrived I was told Miss Universe was coming in 2 minutes to do a fashion shoot for E News….and that i was the one shooting and editing it.  It was a tough yet exciting first experience and to have the ability to direct and work with Miss Universe for the first time was incredible.

Today I got to work with Miss USA, definitely one of the nicest, most laid back people I’ve ever met.  I also found out that I will be leaving for India around the 25th for about 2 weeks with Miss Universe.  Super pumped.

At MUO we also have our own dodgeball team in a local New York league.  Tonight was our first game and we came away with a sweeping victory for the night.  It was the most legit, hardcore game of dodgeball I’ve ever played…and hands down the most fun.  Our team name is “Bruise Your Daddy”.  Everyone on the staff are fun, amazing, laid back people, and I’m really looking forward to the next 6 months!

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to explore the city, but from what I have I am LOVING it!  Could totally get used to this.